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University of Missouri


cartilage container

MOPping Up Cartilage Grafts

MU researchers preserve cartilage for patients in need.

Alina Zare

Maps in Layers

Engineering a better map.

counting toy

Two Are Better Than One

For vulnerable children, more preschool is better.


Exercise in Later Years

Jo-Ana Chase looks out for elders’ health.

skeleton fish

The Ungrateful Dead Zone

Water pollutants from agricultural runoff are killing Gulf of Mexico marine life.

Map of Jordan

A Monumental Discovery

MU students unearth history at an archaeological site in Jordan.


Summer 2015 Briefly

Nuggets of news from across campus.

Floyd Shockley

Collecting at the Smithsonian

Curating a museum of insects and arachnids.


Man on a Mission

Dan O’Shaughnessy guides spacecraft to Mercury.


Weathering the Storm

Restricted census data reveals which businesses are best able to survive a hurricane.


Thinking About Drinking

Researchers tackle alcohol problems.

Switzler Hall Mizzou

Celebrating Communication

The Department of Communication celebrates 75 years.

Kara Riggs Mizzou

P Is for Perseverance

Childhood curiosity led Kara Riggs to plant science. She’s never let it go.

David Burton

Writing His Chapter on One-room Schools

David Burton preserves Missouri’s one-room schools.

US Census Bureau Seal

Survey Says

Mizzou lands a valuable research tool with new satellite U.S. Census Research Data Center.

Garnett Stokes Mizzou

FSU Leader Named MU’s Next Provost

Garnett Stokes supports students and builds on research strengths.

apples math

Solving the Math Teacher Equation

Will added training for teachers equal math success in students?

satellite image

Satellite Anthropology

Using satellite images to protect indigenous tribes.

Michael Marlo

Logging Languages

English Assistant Professor Michael Marlo documents African languages.

Nanova Lab

From Lab to Marketplace

Company formed from MU research makes first product in Columbia.

Jennifer Shearin

Reconnecting Through iRest

Jennifer Shearin helps survivors of intimate partner violence.

Shibu Jose

Brewing Biofuel Innovation

MU professors form a startup to pursue a potential biofuel breakthrough.

sewing supplies

Are You Done With That?

Young people's lack of sewing and laundry skills leads to needless clothing waste.

binge drinking

From Binge to Worse

A new study uncovers binge drinking’s genetic damage.


Spring 2015 Briefly

Nuggets of news from across campus.

Chris Peritore

Discovering Research

Chris Peritore started in the lab digging up plants. He ended up finding his future career.


Exercising His Passion

Frank Booth races toward answers about exercise’s benefits with million-dollar gift.

mizzou danforth

Plant Science Partners

MU, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to hire four joint faculty.

Jeffrey Bryan

All in the Family

The discovery of ‘microchimerism’ in dogs could lead to better understanding of disease in humans.

persian kitten

Kitty Catch-up

Dogs have been man’s best research pet, but a new MU professor is helping cats catch up.

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