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University of Missouri



Pet Detective

MU’s College of Veterinary Medicine is making a name for itself in translational genomic research.

John Boyer

Decoding Drought

National Academy of Sciences member John Boyer joins MU faculty.


Brand Managers: Mind Your Logo’s Color

Logo color study fine-tunes branding.


Democracy in America

A new program supports the study of the American political system.


Medicine to Install New Dean

New dean of medicine starts Dec. 1.

Mizzou Skylab

Greener Pastures

Skylab measures pastures for more efficient farming.


Industry-friendly Institution

MU loosens intellectual property policies.

Dennis Crouch

Patently Obsessed

Law Professor Dennis Crouch wants more transparency in the U.S. patent system.


Three Myths About Red Autumn Leaves

Autumn gives us beautiful red leaves, but evolution can’t tell us why.

Mizzou Land Grant Panel

Innovation Deficit Defined

Panelists discuss insufficient funding for university research.

Daniel Neuhaus

Recording History

Recent grad helps uncover St. Louis’ past through oral history.

Mark McAndrew

Honoring Aunt Frances

Mizzou alumnus gives $2.4 million for cancer research.


Beginning Again

Youngest kindergartners are more likely to be held back.

Daniel van Hoesen, Dan Paterson, Benjamin Bolin

No Wasted Energy

Three physics majors win regional clean energy business competition.


Fracking Downside

Chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, could interfere with human reproductive hormones.

Mizzou food waste study

Greener Garbage

Professors explore the financial and environmental costs of campus food waste.


Human Trafficking Hits Home

Faculty member writes report on human trafficking.


A Sober Look at Alcohol Abuse

MU to develop a strategic plan to reduce high-risk drinking on campus.


Making an Impact

Research, entrepreneurship and economic development are a growing part of MU’s mission.


From Apathy to Apogee

Hardly anyone believed George Rédei’s research mattered — until it changed everything.



A product developed at MU could revolutionize the aesthetic medicine market.

Billy Vineyard

A Noble Chemist

MU alumnus Billy Vineyard, whose research won the Nobel Prize, dies.

Laura Scherer

Cry Babies

When infants sleep poorly, fatigued parents want answers.

Zach Parolin

Mark Twain Fellowship Rewards Perseverance

New fellowship rewards students who fall short of Rhodes, Fulbright, others.

MU Extension historical tractor

MU Extension Celebrates 100 Years

Smith-Lever Act established Cooperative Extension Service in 1914.


The Truth About Katz and Dogs

Dachshunds help doctors treat Batten disease.

mini x-ray technology

The Incredible Shrinking X-ray

A small X-ray machine developed by MU engineers is proving to be a big hit.

Patricka Williams-Simon

Prep School

MU PREP receives grant to increase diversity in biomedical sciences.



Students create adaptive clothing for people with disabilities.

Ron McGarvey

Engineering Solutions

A new faculty member explores the array of public policy questions requiring engineering solutions.

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