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University of Missouri


Yong Volz

Women Winning Pulitzer Prizes

Do women get their fair share of Pulitzers?

Ann Harrell

Exemplary Educators

2014 Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence announced.


Chronic Success

Researchers are making strides against cancer, diabetes and stroke.

Sears Trust donation

Pediatric Research Receives Funding Boost

MU’s child health department receives $500,000 donation from Sears Trust.


Milk Money

Linda Wulff-Risner was MU Extension’s first female dairy specialist.

Shawn Askinosie

From Bean to Bar

Shawn Askinosie of Askinosie Chocolate to speak at MU.

Ellis Fischel MD Anderson Partnership announcement

Ellis Fischel Joins Leading Cancer Network

MD Anderson affiliation gives access to cancer leader.

brown recluse

Once Bitten — or Not?

Rapid spider bite tests can speed doctors in correctly diagnosing unusual skin lesions.


Cattle, Bison, Neanderthals and You

Jerry Taylor traces human history through cattle genomes.

Maithe Enriquez

Peers Keep It Real

Nursing professor develops peer-led intervention for individuals with HIV.

Ahmed Sherif El-Gizawy and Raja Gopaldas

Safety Valve

Researchers reduce the risk of a life-extending surgical procedure.

money cross

Render Unto Caesar

Tax break or tax loophole? It might depend on how religious your community is.


Hunger Aplenty

Missouri’s food insecure population doubled since 2001.

Jacoby Lab at Mizzou

Reinventing the Toilet

Researchers are creating a high-tech waste treatment device for developing countries.

black bears

Bear Down, Bear Up

Black bears make their way back to Missouri.

Kari Lane

Amped-up Research

Nursing professor works to increase hearing aid use among adults with hearing impairments.

Diverging diamond interchange

When the Wrong Way Is the Better Way

A new intersection design increases traffic flow by 30 percent.

Adults in care facilities appreciate social activities. Photo by Rob Hill.

Snog & Grog

Preserving personal identity is key for people with long-term or terminal illnesses.

Christopher Strelluf

Look Who’s Talking

MU doctoral student studies how Kansas Citians speak.


New Leader in Residence

Lessons from boyhood shape Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin’s leadership approach.


More Than Bones & Stones

Anthropology faculty explore links between evolution and human behavior.

David Mehr

MU Creates Center for Patient-centered Research

Announces $4.5 million federal research grant.


Farming the Corn Genome

Better corn to feed the world.

Debbie Dougherty

The Reluctant Farmer

Communication professor combines life on the farm and the classroom.


Fighting the Film Industry

MU undergraduate helps battle troublesome biofilms on boats and wounds.


Geothermal Heats Chicks Cheaper

An MU engineering professor is pioneering a way to make geothermal profitable.

Dallas Pineda

Loving the Lab

A sophomore biochemistry major spends time in the lab.

Prenatal Precautions

Undergraduate Matthew Hruska’s research looks at the uterine environment.


Haunted Hypothesis

Undergraduate researchers study fear and stress.

Mizzou's Global Footprint

MU’s Global Footprint

Mizzou is an international force.

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