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University of Missouri


Tim Evans

Excellent Teaching

2013 Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence announced.


Cool Cows Make Bank

New app alerts farmers to cattle in distress.

Cottrell and Kay Fox

Spaniel Spurs $5 Million Cancer Research Gift

Major gifts to MU fund cancer research, scholarships.

Scott Brooks

Be a Cager in Five Steps

An MU sociology professor unlocks the keys to success in any career.

Shramik Sengupta

When Septic Shock is Good

Electricity can diagnose deadly sepsis quickly.

ACL research

More Than Fun and Games

Dr. Aaron Gray hopes to use video game technology to prevent ACL injuries.

Stefan Sarafianos

AIDS Research

A newly discovered HIV mutation helps drug therapy.


The Future is Now

The Reynolds Journalism Institute is shaping how journalists deliver news.


If Trees Could Talk

MU researchers use tree rings to look back in time.


Heal Early, Heal Often

Marilyn Rantz keeps elders healthy.

Mark Twain

Mizzou’s Mark Twain Scholar Calls It Quits

Tom Quirk retires.

Margarita with lime in a margarita glass.

The Young and the Reckless

Immature brains, personalities keep Cinco de Mayo drinking parties a place for the young.

Ellis Library

Building Bridges to the Far East

MU Libraries receives large gift of Chinese books.

taro root

Mentoring the World

MU trains dozens of agricultural scientists a year from around the world.

Shibu Jose in a field of switchgrass

The Future of Food vs. Fuel

MU experts examine the food security trade-offs of biofuel.

Dong Xu

Yo Soy Información

MU’s soybean database is a resource for scientists around the world.



Breeding the soybeans of tomorrow.

Doug Randall

Nurturing Collaboration

Working together at Mizzou goes way back.

Veterinarian treats dog for cancer

Caring for Animals with Cancer

MU veterinarians offer specialized care at a new St. Louis location.

Parents and college-age son

Parental Advice

A new study will ask empty-nest parents what they did right and wrong raising children.


Bacteria vs. Viruses

MU scientists have found a new method to combat deadly “super bugs.”


The New Personality Trait

Health care providers should pay attention to patients’ personalities and spirituality.


Sensing Pollution From the Air

MU researchers use military technology to monitor ground pollution.


Feed the World

Agriculture faculty blanket Missouri with research and services.

Desirè Buckley

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger

Students remain Tigers in graduate school with help from NSF fellowship.

Tiger Place retirement home. Story for illumination fall 2006

Be Well — Work Forever

Research shows retirees’ health suffers after first leaving the workforce.


Growing, Together

MU researchers hope their model of cooperation can help feed the world.

woman posing with a bear

Into the Wild

MU alumna and Fulbright Scholar takes a walk on the wild side.

Fred Hawthorne

Members of the Academies

Several MU faculty serve the National Academies of Science.

Fred Hawthorne

How Big is Nano?

MU’s renowned cancer researcher knows the next big thing in medicine comes from thinking small.

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