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University of Missouri


The Valongo Slave market in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, c.1820 Source: Valongo, c.1820. JPEG. Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database.

Adding to Black History

MU professor paints complex picture of slave trade.

portrait of Jacob Huskey

Breaking the Code

MU student looks for new equation.

two dogs in front of a group of search and rescue workers

Working Paw and Hand

Kathleen Kelsey researches, trains and volunteers with detection dogs.

illustration of santa throwing presents down to houses

Plasma Micro-thrusters: Santa’s Little Helpers

MU research could make Santa’s job easier.

portrait of Joanna Hearne

Filling the Bookshelf

Film studies professor published two books in December 2012.


Serving the Land

MU alumnus takes education abroad and revolutionizes industry.


The Grinch Who Stole Sales Taxes

A largely tax-free Internet is costing Missouri millions.

buffet line

Chicken of the Soy

Columbia leaders sample soy-based chicken strips created by MU researchers.

Mizzou researchers

Early Detection of Lung Cancer

MU scientists receive Coulter funding for lung cancer treatment.

gold nano rods

Gold Nanorods Diagnose Colon Cancer

Nanoparticles tagged with peptides fit like keys into tumor receptors.

Running back Henry Josey during a 2011 Mizzou football game

Nano Knees

Mizzou researchers are using nanotechnology to improve ACL surgery.

John Viator operates a laser light

Shedding Laser Light on the Problem

A new photoacoustic device adds much-needed data to the art of treating burns.


Bock Soy

Soy-based chicken invented by MU scientists to roll out nationwide.


Focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder

MU researchers study children's pupils to detect autism earlier.

map of missouri

Care for Missouri

MU is the No. 1 educator of Missouri physicians.

man holding up tiny battery

Building a Better Battery

Nuclear batteries offer promise for providing reliable, long-lasting power.

illustration of prehistoric crocodile

Identifying Crocodiles

MU researcher identifies prehistoric crocodile species.

Marilyn Rantz

Nursing School Makes MU History

MU’s largest research grant will improve care for older adults.


Students Conduct Hands-on Research

EXPRESS shaped Mariah McClain's college experience.

Mizzou researchers

Reception to Celebrate First Coulter Projects

A $5 million partnership encourages commercialization of biomedical research.

Shibu Jose

Energy Crops Find Funding

MU research team receives $5.4 million grant to study biofuel.

Food basket

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

Mizzou works to conserve food and feed the hungry.

Bullet train.

Where Doping is Legal

MU Research Reactor scientist John Farmer is shaping silicon's role in electronics.

Laura King

Being Cheerful Makes Sense

Psychologist Laura King studies what people think meaning is and how they come by it.

Robert Benfer

Digging Up the Past

Robert Benfer, professor emeritus of anthroplogy, makes an important archaeological discovery in Peru.

Greenhouse at night

Glass Rules

The Ernie and Lottie Sears Plant Growth Facility houses the research of 22 scientists.

Norton grapes growing in Missouri

Through the Grapevine

Missouri's grape and wine industry is an economics engine.

Dollar bill image on an iPad.

Delivering News-PAY-pers

Journalism Professor Mike Jenner expects more newspapers to begin charging for digital content.


Stop Gobbling Up the Profits

Animal science professor Jeff Firman develops a better turkey diet.

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